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Who We Are

Blushing Bride Glam is not your average bridal hair and makeup team, we strive to be more than just that.

Not only are we here for you every step of the way leading up to your wedding day, but we are the team that will go above and beyond to create an experience you will remember and tell others about.

We don't look at your wedding as just another paycheck by doing just the bare minimum. We truly and genuinely care about each and every one of our clients and work hard not only to give them beautiful services, but again create an experience.

We are the team that will pay attention to every detail, advocate for you when needed, get you food or water and fan you down when you're having a small anxiety attack because your nervous about marrying the love of your life, we will cry with you if needed, help you fix your dress and just be there for you for whatever you need. This is a once in a lifetime moment and all of us here at Blushing Bride Glam take pride in making sure that this is a moment you will remember for years to come. 

Blushing Bride Glam is owned and operated by Megan Nickerson who has hired many talented artists of all backgrounds to provide services for brides just like you. All of our artists are all licensed, and/or certified and insured. We all understand how important it is to continue to grow our education to keep up with all beauty trends, which is why we continue our education with classes and trainings.


Meet the Team

Meet The Team

The stylists behind the bridal beauty

Our Services


All the services we offer explained


Bridal Preview

We suggest all of our brides to do a bridal preview. At the preview we will go over exactly how you envision looking on your wedding day and do our very best to make you look and feel beautiful. The best time to do a preview is
1-3 months before your wedding. When sticking to this timeline most brides have their wedding dress, veil, jewelry, hairpieces and hair extensions. When going to your preview you will want to bring everything but your dress. That way you can have a better idea of exactly how you will look.

Curls Only

We offer just curls for the brides and bridal party that want to keep it simple.
The price of this service will depend on hair length and thickness.
Even though curls may be simple, it easy to spice them up by doing different types of curls. 

Happy Beautiful Bride Laughing
Wedding Gown


Braids, updo, half up half down style or glamour waves no matter what you are envisioning we can make it happen! Anything that requires more than just a curling iron automatically falls under hairstyling. Because we price our services differently all hairstyle prices depend on length and thickness rather than the overall desired style. which means a bun would be the same price as a big boho braid.

All hair services include a basic personalized touch up kit for each member of your bridal party! Bridal baskets are available as an add on.

Groom's Style

Groom's need to look stylish too, on their wedding day, right? With this service our stylist will go to the groom's site to provide a men's style just for him. 
We can also provide a beard trim and style. Pricing varies on what the groom is looking for.

Image by Gayani Anuththara

Flower Girl Hairstyling

Flower girls need flower girl hairstyling to complete their look! We take on all ages of flower girls between 1-10. Girls older than 10 are charged as normal hair services.
Price will depend on, the flower girls age, length of her hair and whether the flower girl desires curls or a style for her wedding day look.


We price hair differently than most companies. Hair prices are shown in
Extra Short, Short, Medium and Long. (Hair length guide is below)
For thick hair add an additional $20 to the service price.
We do not charge extra to place extensions.

All makeup services include false lashes.
They do not include lip products.
Basic touch up kits included for each service.
Bridal Basket Touch up Kits available for purchase.
Pricing does not include gratuity




Extra Short, Short, Medium, Long






Hairstyling is any style that requires bobby pins, elastics, braids or glamour waves (see below)

$35, $45, $75, $85


$60, $80, $120, $130



Ages 1-10










Ages 1-10

Client brush set keepsake (35 piece set)

Client brush set keepsake (35 piece set)

The client brush set is a brand new 35 piece brush set including a carry tote for your brushes. These have never been used on any client. We will use them to apply your makeup along with a brush care card and we will give them to you after your service. 
This service must be confirmed with at least a week in advance before the wedding. 


Hair Length Guide

Because we price our hair services depending on length, our hair guide will help you determine what length your hair is in order for you to find your hair service price.

unnamed (2).jpg

Glamour Waves

Glamour waves are considered a hairstyle. Even though we are technically only curling your hair this style has a specific way we have to curl your hair so that way everything lines up correctly, ultimately taking more time and precision.


With Glamour Waves becoming so wildly popular we want to give you a few notes about this particular style.

* Firstly, Glamour Waves do not have "movement". Meaning if you were to shake your head back and forth the waves are meant to stay together. However, with regular curls if you were to shake your head back and forth the curls will move separately and would look "flowy".

* This style takes a lot of precise work which is why it is categorized as a hairstyle for us.

* This hairstyle takes a ton of product to ensure that the waves do not fall flat. Because of this, your hair will feel like it has a lot of product in it.

* Most pictures of this hairstyle that you will see the person most likely has hair extensions in to give it the fullness and lock the curls in.

* We do suggest renting our hair extensions or bringing your own for this style unless you have very thick hair.

* If your hair does not hold curl well, we do not suggest doing this style as we cannot guarantee that the style will hold. If you plan on doing a bridal preview, we suggest trying the style and seeing if it does hold.




Work from all our talented stylists and our beautiful brides and their bridal parties