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Preparing for Services

It is our goal to provide you and your bridal party the most wonderful, stress-free morning while enjoying your beauty services. Please refer to this preparation guide to ensure that you're ready for your services and that they are the best!
It is also a good idea to send this link to your bridal party so they too can prepare for their services. 

Hair Prep

* There is a big debate on styling hair clean or "dirty". And really there is no right or wrong way. A lot of times it comes down to the stylist's preference. Our company wants YOU to feel comfortable. So, if that is washing your hair the day of the wedding, having your hair washed the day before or even two days before, it does not matter to us as long as you feel comfortable with how your hair feels and looks. All hairstylists come with dry shampoo to help combat greasy and oily hair. 

* If you shower the day of or the night before the wedding, please make sure your hair is completely dry before your appointment. We do not bring hairdryers, nor do we put that time into the wedding day beauty schedule. 

* Please make sure your hair is brushed through before your services. We will brush your hair again before we start (unless you have curly hair) however you tackling any matts, tangles and snarls will help us keep our time on schedule.

* We do not have set appointment times for those to have services done. For this reason, the best way to ensure we are not waiting around for the next client, is to make sure at least three people are ready to go at any time. Also asking your bridal party to stay in the room/house helps.

* Please bring with you and wear a button up shirt or a robe for your services this will ensure that once the service is over and you're getting dressed for the event, your style will stay in place.

* If possible, please have inspo pictures ready on hand before your services. If you are stuck between a few we are always there to help you decide what will look best with your features, dress line and hair type. 

* PLEASE PLEASE tell us if you are unhappy with something! We will always try to do whatever we can to fix any issue you are having. However, if you don't say anything we wont really know if you are unhappy, and we cannot fix it after we leave or days after. We promise none of us will have hurt feelings if you say anything. We WANT you to be happy with each service. 


Thank you again for choosing Blushing Bride Glam to be a part of your wedding day, we cannot wait to service you and your bridal party! 
If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out.

We understand that come the day of the wedding what you had marked down on the contract could change! Maybe you wanted to upgrade from just curls to a beautiful hairstyle, or maybe you thought you wanted traditional makeup but chose airbrush instead. That is okay! In order to make sure we are paid correctly, your wedding day stylist will refer you to Megan's (owner) payment links below. These are the only way we do take upcharge payments day of the wedding.

Payment links:
Please click one of the links below to pay for your services. Please note that any credit/debit cards will have an extra 3.5% fee added to the service. 
If paying by venmo or paypal please pay as friends and family so there is no additional fee. 

Venmo: Venmo | Megan Nickerson
PayPal: PayPal.Me
CashApp: $megannickerson16
Square: Blushing Bride Glam 

Wedding Services Consent Form

Please read the following terms. The bride has already agreed to these terms in our contract and has signed on your behalf as well when she booked with us, we want to make sure her bridal party understands and reads the terms, so the wedding day goes as smoothly as possible. 

* I acknowledge that if receiving hair services, I have marked down the correct hair length according to Blushing Bride Glam's hair length guide. And if for some reason day of the wedding my hair is not the correct length (meaning it is longer than what I marked down) I will be charged the difference in price and an additional $10 inconvenience fee. (The hair length guide can be found on the pricing page). If I plan to have extensions in that day, I also agree that I am marking down the length the extensions make my hair. 
* I acknowledge that after payment for services has been made to Blushing Bride Glam, the company will not accept any cancellations. If I need to cancel services, I acknowledge that I will not receive money back for services. However, I can find a replacement for my spot. Effective immediately, Blushing Bride Glam is not responsible for a refund for ANY reason if pictures of services cannot be produced. If you are unhappy with services you must notify the stylist onsite so they can try to fix the issue and you must call Megan or Maddi day of before stylists leave.
* I acknowledge that if I want to upgrade services day of, I must pay by one of the payment links above before my service starts.
* I acknowledge that delays to the wedding service timeline affected by myself, others or the bride; the bride will be billed per guest at $15 for every 10 minutes we are late.
* I acknowledge that Blushing Bride Glam and their stylists have the right to refuse services if unsanitary conditions exist and/or contagious infections are present, and there will be no refund for the services.
* I acknowledge that Blushing Bride Glam and their stylists are licensed professionals and should be treated with respect. Any verbal or physical abuse to any Blushing Bride Glam stylist is unacceptable by any person at the event and shall be grounds for the stylist(s) to cease services immediately, and there will be no refund for any services. 
* I acknowledge that I release Blushing Bride Glam stylists and the owner from liability for any skin complications due to allergic reactions, any damages incurred to the client, due to sensitivity or allergic reactions from products used during services and that services are commissioned at my own risk. I also understand that if I want to use my own makeup, I will have to sign a release form (found at the bottom of this page) and Blushing Bride Glam, the stylists and owner is not reliable for my makeup, if it reacts differently than expected.
* I acknowledge that if I add makeup after my service or touch my hair to do something different to it, I will not get a refund for any reason.
* I acknowledge that Blushing Bride Glam may take pictures of my services and use them on their website/social media. (Please also note your bride may have already accepted the terms that we can use her photographer's professional photos for these purposes. If your bride has told us to not use her professional photos, we will respect her request. If you choose to not be photographer or videoed by us, we will respect your decision).


Leave us a review to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card!

Every year we offer a $100 Amazon Gift Card to three clients for that season.
Why? Incentive to leave us reviews! We stand by our work and your reviews help!
Anyone who receives services can enter to win! It's easy and only takes a few minutes. 
Visit our Facebook Page Blushing Bride Glam and leave us a 5 star review with some kind words about how we did. Yes it is seriously that simple!
pFor another entry, add pictures to your review.

The three winners will be announced and contacted on New Years Eve.

BYO Makeup release form

Thanks for submitting!

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