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Senior Hairstylist

"Hey, what's up?! I'm Leah, a multi-licensed stylist and cosmetology educator; I've been in the fashion/beauty/health industry for 13 years! I've been able to experience many roles in the industry over the years, but bridal is definitely a place where my heart lays most! I'm known for my extensive training and expertise in fine/thinning hair especially with my clients who have been through chemo or have been diagnosed with other conditions that effect their hair growth. This means I also utilize extensions, like a lot, so I am your girl for that as well! Outside of that, my favorite styles to perform as anything with mega volume and for any who has dreadlocks (I belong to the community myself!) Beyond the bridal world, I am a full-time nurse who love to travel, spend time with my family pet's friends and make as many memories as I can while we live this short ride called life. It is beyond an honor to be a part of someone most specia day and I can't wait until yours!"


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