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Joining the Team

First let me introduce myself

 I'm Megan, the owner and lead cosmetologist of Blushing Bride Glam. I have been doing wedding hair and makeup for over 13 years. I started out in the business doing this all by myself, and lets just say that was stressful. I defiantly over worked myself many many times. Then I started working for a salon and I was still doing weddings on the side. Once I started having kids, I knew I didn't want to be back behind the chair doing cuts and colors. I started working for another local bridal company for 2 seasons. We parted ways but I learned a lot as a stylist and took the negative things I saw and experienced and created my own company. My goal as a business owner is to create a safe and non-stressful space where my stylists actually enjoy working and want to take on many weddings. I am in this for the long run as this is my full-time job and I hope to find stylists who want to be a part of my team for the long run too. 
In the short 5 seasons we have been up and running we have serviced over 600 brides! I want my business to be the best, so that starts by hiring the best. Just having the passion for this industry is the first step. Then continuing to learn and practicing your skills to become better each time is the second. 
In 2023 I decided to take my company to the next step by offering our services all over Michigan. Below I have taken the time to put together everything you would ever need to know about the job, the perks and the positions we hire and are always looking for. If you ever thought about this type of work we would love to have you!

About the job

The very first thing you should know is we mainly service weddings, however we have had wedding guests reach out to get hair and makeup done. We have also done hair and makeup for girls birthday parties, engagement photo shoots, boudoir hair and makeup and even just date nights. 
We are a onsite company. Which means we travel to our brides location to service them. But we will get more into this later below.
We provide many services, as there is room for each stylist to grow, however our main services are hair and makeup.
Curling and hairstyling are the hair services you can expect to provide to our clients.
As far as makeup we have three different "services" Airbrush, Traditional and Eyes Only. We will also get more into that later. 
If you are looking to expand your services and outreach of clients we do have more opportunities as well. 
We typically work wedding season meaning May-October. We do have a few weddings November-April but they are not as often.

My goal as your boss is to make sure you are happy. And typically, stylists who are making money working for me are happy.

As a Blushing Bride Glam Stylist

We try to make your job easy!
Megan is in charge of finding and booking weddings, the contracts, correspondence and payments. That means that your job is to take the weddings you want and show up to provide services.
We use the app Crew, it is free to download and use. This is a calendar/scheduling app where all of our booked weddings are ready to be requested and worked by you!
One thing important to us is contracts, each season we renew stylist contracts, this keeps our business safe and your interests as a stylit safe.
Once you are a part of the team, (depending on your position) we take the next few weeks to train you, that way you feel comfortable as a bridal stylist.
Pay is commission based but the best part is you get a 20% tip for every service you do. Guaranteed!
Here is an example:
Service fee is $100 (as a licensed stylist
) your commission is 60% your cut is $60 and then a 20% tip. You get 100% of that tip from the service fee price, meaning $20. So your take home for that service is $80. 
For trial runs your take home is 100% of the cost. We do not take commission from that service. 
Basically, the more weddings you take the more money you will make.


Positions Avaliable

The first thing to know is we understand that everyone has to start somewhere. So please don't think that just because you are new and you want to be in this industry that you cannot work for us, because that is not true! No matter where you are at in your career, we would love the chance to chat with you about your career with us!
Like we said the very first thing a stylist needs to make it in this type of industry is the passion if you have that you will succeed, and talent will follow.

My main goal would be to have all my stylists trained to do both hair and makeup (cosmetologist) this is the easiest and fastest way for you to be able to take any wedding and make the most money.
However, we do hire just hairstylists and just makeup artists.
If you are still in beauty school and looking to get your foot in the door, we also hire apprentices. Once you have your license you can go to weddings alone. We will get to this later.

Positions Explained

If you are a cosmetologist, hairstylist or makeup artist and you have a valid license, (no matter how long you have held it for) once a part of our team, you will be on a probationary period (3 weddings). Every stylist must go through this process. We want to make sure we are a good fit and that your committed. During this period, you will be making 50% commission and a 20% tip for each service you provide. Your first 3 weddings you must be accompanied by a Senior Stylist. 
After this period, you will make 60% commission and a 20% tip for each service you provide, you will also be able to take trial runs.
On the website you will be considered a Junior stylist. Once you have been with the company for 3 seasons you will advance to a Senior Stylist.

Unlicensed / In Beauty School
You are considered an apprentice, but you can still do weddings and get paid! You can only do weddings where your accompanied by a Senior stylist and you cannot take trial runs until you are licensed.
You will have to complete basic training with one of the Senior stylists before you can do weddings. As an apprentice you are paid 40% commission with a 20% tip for each service you do. 
Once you hold a license however if you do continue with our company, you will move right to 60% commission with no probation period and can do weddings alone and take trial runs. 


Remember I said we want to be the best company?
Well, in order to achieve that goal, we have to have certain policies and expectations in place. Our brides book us and continue to book us because of these expectations and standards.

Dress Code
One thing that I believe sets us apart from other similar companies is that I want us to be identifiable, professional and unified.
We provide to you, your first shirt with our company logo. As far as the rest of the dress code goes, think professional and mainly black. So nice black, or dark colored dress pants, longer skirts and longer shorts. I do allow my stylists to wear unripped jeans. Making sure your hair is nicely kept with a fresh face. The one thing to note is at all times you could possibly be photographed or on video. So dressing professional and being professional is KEY!
Besides your skills your kit is the next most important thing. Stylists are expected to bring everything needed to be able to service weddings. We do offer a start-up kit for both hair and makeup if you are in need. 
We expect our stylists to show up at least 15 minutes before the start time to set up and act professional the entire time you are servicing clients. Having a great attitude that day will always leave an impression not only for our team but for you as a person. Most of the time we are the very first people/vendor the bride and bridal party encounter and meet that day, so we really set the tone for the entire day.
Training & Continued Education
In order to get better at anything, you have to practice and continue to learn. Training is required once you start, but we believe in continued education. That is why we host classes and trainings.


231980908_214059280729708_5430754682622280880_n (1).jpg

Being a part of our team has many benefits.
You can pick and choose how many and which weddings you want to work. So, you are in charge of your schedule!
Most of our stylists work in a salon or do their full-time jobs Mon-Fri and work for us a few hours on the weekend, that way they make extra money and have most of their weekend for fun.
Brides are required to pay the stylists tip before so you are always guaranteed to receive a tip with your payment.
We are onsite so you will get to explore new places you have never been.
We are a friendly team to work with, so you never have to worry about working with someone you don't like.
There is room to grow as a stylist. Whether that be offering hair accessories for clients to purchase, becoming a Spray Tan specialist or Forever Linked Stylist the options and opportunities could be endless.

We are also always open to hearing new ideas to make the company better.


Ready to join the team?

Let's Chat!

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