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Blushing Bride Glam Stylists

A place for all BBG stylists

The Crew app has been a great place for us to book weddings and for you as stylists to request them, however we need a place as well for stylists to go for common questions, policies, training videos, events etc. 
We hope this can be the place for this.

Important Upcoming Events!
  • Elite Wedding Expo (NM)
    Elite Wedding Expo (NM)
    Mon, Apr 29
    Traverse City
    Apr 29, 2024, 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM
    Traverse City, 300 E State St, Traverse City, MI 49684, USA
    Apr 29, 2024, 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM
    Traverse City, 300 E State St, Traverse City, MI 49684, USA
  • Blushing Bride Glam Stylist Photoshoot
    Blushing Bride Glam Stylist Photoshoot
    Sun, Mar 24
    Location is TBD
    Mar 24, 2024, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
    Location is TBD
    Mar 24, 2024, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
    Location is TBD
  • Wedding Expo (NM)
    Wedding Expo (NM)
    Sat, Nov 04
    Nov 04, 2023, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
    Cadillac, 7839 46 1/2 Rd, Cadillac, MI 49601, USA
    Nov 04, 2023, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
    Cadillac, 7839 46 1/2 Rd, Cadillac, MI 49601, USA
Upcoming Events
Issues & Situations

Trial Runs
One of the only times you will chat with a bride before the wedding day is if the bride has requested a trial run. Management will get you and the bride in touch by sending out a group text message between all parties. In the text, we will send the bride everything she needs to know about the trial. We let you and the bride decide the best day, time and location for the trial. The bride will pay you directly and you keep 100% of the service price. We ask that you keep the conversation going via group text, that way if you or the bride has a question for management we can jump in and answer it. Stylists ARE NOT allowed to talk to the bride about contracts, pricing, timeline etc. if they have questions about these topics, you must tell them to reach out to management. 

Dress Code
Below you will find a selection of tops that we have "designed". One of these must be worn at all times while at BBG weddings. Your first T-shirt is "free". Once you are hired in, you will pay for your basic shirt. After your first wedding we will reimburse you. This helps us not buy a shirt with your name on it and then have you decide to not continue. Any additional tops desired can either be purchased or taken of your pay.
Acceptable bottoms: unripped clean jeans, "fancy"/professional pants, long skirts, long shorts. Black is best but not necessarily required. Just think professional.

Upcharges & Add On's
All services on the app for a wedding will be confirmed and paid for before you arrive.
If anyone at the wedding is requesting services that are not on the contract, we leave that up to the stylists there to determine if there is enough time for add on's. If there is, the stylists there are in charge and responsible for collecting payment before the service starts by referring to their stylist info sheet that has all pricing and payable codes. If stylist does not collect payment, management cannot be held reliable for non-payment.
If a client that is on the contract wants to upgrade their services such as go from Curls Only to a Hairstyle; the stylists is responsible to give the client the correct upcharge amount and collection before the service starts and can refer to their stylist info sheet.​

Attendance & Notes
We ask/expect all stylists to be at least 15 minutes early. This means if the app says 10-3 we ask that you are there at 9:45 that way you have time to get set up. ALL STYLISTS ARE REQUIRED TO DO THE FOLLOWING "clock in & out" for each shift worked. Until further notice we ask that you screen shot your location when you arrive and when you leave. Then send it to the chat that we have going with you or fellow stylists for that specific wedding. 
If possible try to get photos of your work. Whether this is good Instagram/website quality photos or just quick snaps  because timing is running behind this helps us just in case someone is requesting a refund.
After you leave the wedding we ask that you send in the group chat on the app between management/fellow stylists that are a part of the specific wedding a quick run down of what happened and your list of the services you did. This helps management understand if there were any issues and when payment day comes we already have your list so we don't have to request it. 

Client is upset at trial
If the client is upset at trial because of services please contact Megan or Maddi via phone. We will get the details of what is going on, and either chat with you or the bride about how to fix the situation.

Client is upset at wedding
If the client has made it known that they are upset about services at the wedding please call Megan or Maddi immediately. We will gather details and chat with you or the bride/client about how to fix the situation.

Client is upset after the wedding
If the bride or client reaches out to us after the wedding and is upset we will try to gather both sides and all details about the situation. Each issue is different and will be treated as such. 
In the case that services given were not up to par and money needs to be returned this will come out of the stylists pay. 

You are running late
Please let management and your fellow stylists know in the group chat of the app. Then depending on the situation you can either text/call the bride or another stylist at the wedding can let the bride know. 

Your fellow stylist is running late or has not shown
Though we want all stylists to arrive at least 15 minutes before the contracted start time, we do understand that life happens... to an extent. We still do have an image to uphold.
If your fellow stylists are 15 minutes late and have not contacted you, please immediately call Megan or Maddi so that we can try to track them down or try to send a replacement or figure out how to handle the situation. Please just try to remain calm so the bride does not start to stress out.

Wedding is running late because of BBG stylists
If the wedding timeline is running behind because of BBG stylists, (not because they were late) please remain calm. We always put in 1 hour of wiggle room time, but if you have fellow stylists there with you try to figure out together how to get the timeline back onto schedule. If you have to ask fellow stylists to help prep by curling that is still better than running far over the scheduled timeline. 

Wedding is running late because of the clients
If the bridal party is making the timeline fall behind pull the bride aside and calmly explain the situation along with the best solution. For both of these circumstances you may also call Megan or Maddi for help with solutions.

Unsanitary conditions
You are protected by the contract to reserve the right to refuse services if there are unsanitary conditions and or contagious infections are present. Please call management to report the problem.

Any type of abuse
You are protected by the contract that if in the case of any verbal or physical abuse is to occur by any person at the wedding you are allowed to cease services immediately and remove yourself from the situation. Please call management to report the issue.

BBG Stylist Contract
BBG Stylist Handbook
BBG Stylist Info Sheet
Training Videos

We are working hard to make and put out training videos for stylists who may not be able to make training in person or who would like a refresher on applications and skills. 

Training Videos

Basic Training Course

Stylist Shop
Stylist Shop

Each stylist will receive a starter T-shirt for free.
Please choose which starter shirt you would like for the upcoming 2024 season. 
Any additional shirts or merch can be purchased by the stylist. 

Order your apparel & gear now!

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What's in our bags
What's in our bags

No gatekeeping here! We will drop everything that is in our bags.
For hair we will drop tools first then products. For makeup we will drop in in order of use.
Not everything is needed! 


* Bag (You can use whatever works for you)
Hair Tools
* 1" Curling Iron
* 1/2" Curling Iron
* Hair Straightener 
* Blow Dryer with Accessories
* Silicone Heat Pad/Protector
* Soft Grip Rollers
* Hair Loopys
* Magnetic Bobby Pin Holder
* Alligator Clips
* Bobby Pins of different colors
* Hair Pins
* Round Brush Set
* Brush
* Wide tooth Comb
* Teasing Comb
* Hair Ties
* Hair Socks (for buns)
* Clear Elastics 
* Face Sheild (for hairspray)
* Mirror

Hair Products
Dry Shampoo or Cleansing Powder
Anti-Humidity Spray
Argan Oil
Curl Mousse
Texturizing Powder
Smoothing Spray
Styling Cream
Thickening Spray
Light Hold Hairspray
Medium Hold Hairspray
Dry Spray Wax
Volume Hairspray
Extreme Hold Hairspray
Shine Spray

* Lighting
* Fan
* Phone Charger
* Hair Clips
* Extension Cord
* Snacks
* Emergency Kit
* Makeup Chair
* Wagon to pull all this


* Bag (You can use whatever works for you)
* Cotton Rounds
* Makeup Wedges
* Mascara Wands
* Lip Applicators 
* Touch Up Wands
Makeup Remover
* Makeup Remover Wipes
* Micellar Water
* Oil-Controlling Primer
* Hydrating Primer
* Pour Smoothing Primer
* Redness Reducer Primer 
* Eyeshadow/Glitter Primer
* Color Correcting Concealer
Brushes & Tools
* A set for at least 6 clients or a full set with a good cleansing spray for in between clients
* Mirror Pallette
* Powder Puffs

* Matte and Shimmer Brown/Neutral Palette
* Matte and Shimmer Pink Palette
* Matter and Shimmer Purple Pallette

* All Shades of Traditional Makeup
* All Shades of Airbrush Makeup
* Airbrush Makeup Machine
* Concealers

* Transulcent or White Powder
* Bronzer Pallette
* Contour Pallette
* Blush Pallette

* Eyelash Curler
* Different types of Eyelashes
* Eyelash Glue
* Eyelash Scissors
* Eyelash Tweezers

* Liquid Eyeliner
* Different Shades of Pencil Liner
* Eyeliner Sharpener
* Glitter Eyeliner
* Loose Glitter
* Eyebrow Pencils or Pomade
* Tweezers

* Matte Setting Spray
* Dewy Setting Spray
* Barrier Spray

Join the Facebook Group to Chat
Facebook Group

Please follow the button to be added to the Facebook group. This is were we can all chat in one space. There unfortunately is no way for us to add a chat here. 

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