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Makeup Artist

Hi there! My name is Chloe and I am a passionate freelance makeup artist specializing in bridal and airbrush. I am located in Nashville but available anywhere! My passion for esthetics and makeup started at a very young age. My grandmother used to put Vaseline on my cheeks and told me it was makeup. I was hooked and never looked back. 


I am proud to say I’ve been doing makeup professionally for the last 3 years. Even with experience under my belt, there is much to learn about the industry and it’s ever changing trends and products. My kit consists of a variety of brands and products and is inclusive to all. My welcoming demeanor and approachability allows a transparency  between myself and my clients. I want all of my clients to feel at ease when we are getting ready for their big day. I’m your number one fan while you’re in my chair. I’m hyping you up and giving you glam! 

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