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  • What locations do you service?
    We service three different states. We have included the states, the "home bases" and when the travel fee's start. * Travel fee's are $.75 per mile both ways. * If there are parking fees, tolls, ferry fee's or any other type of parking fee a stylist may have for your wedding the bride is responsible for paying this fee. * If your wedding timeline starts at or before 7am and the stylists have to travel more than an hour and 45 minutes to your location, we will require a hotel room or an Airbnb for the stylists. Michigan: Nothern Michigan, our travel fee's start just 30 miles outside of Traverse City. Mid Michigan, our travel fee's start just 30 miles outside of Grand Rapids. Lower Michigan, our travel fee's start just 20 miles outside of Detroit. Illinois: Northern Illinois, our travel fee's start just 10 miles outside of Chicago. Mid Illinois, our travel fee's start just 20 miles outside of Springfield. Lower Illinois, our travel fee's start just 20 miles outside of Belleville. Tennessee: West Tennessee, our travel fee's start just 15 miles outside of Memphis. Mid Tennessee, our travel fee's start just 15 miles outside of Nashville. East Tennessee, our travel fee's start just 15 miles outside of Knoxville. For a quote, please fill out the Contact Us form.
  • How do I reserve my date?
    First start by filling out our Contact Us form. We will need to have an idea of how many people are needing services, where the services are being done and what your wedding date is. Once we have all this information, we will send you a contract to fill out via email. In order to secure your date, you MUST fill out our contract, submit a deposit and provide a credit card for us to hold on file. All of this will secure your date and put you on our calendar. ** If we do not have these three things, we cannot secure your date and it will remain open for other inquiring brides. A signed contract alone does not secure your date.**
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    You can cancel anytime up to 60 days before your wedding, in doing so though you do forfeit your deposit. If the entire contract is cancelled after the 60-day period 50% of the contracted services on the contract will be due and charged to the card on file. Management will be in contact with you to confirm services and details the month before your wedding. For example, if you are an October bride, we will be in contact with you the first of September. We understand that things change, and services may have changed as well. If more than 25% of services drop within this timeframe there will a 25% compensation fee. We require a final headcount two weeks before you're wedding and final payment for everyone is due one week before the wedding. If the entire contract is cancelled 14 days before the wedding 80% of the total contracted service will be due and charged to the credit card on file. Once the final payment has been received services cannot be canceled nor refunded.
  • Can I add more people the day of my wedding for services?
    We want to make everyone feel their best on the wedding day. For this reason, we cannot guarantee that people who are not on the contract will get done. We will try our best to squeeze them in but ultimately, the people on the contract must be done first before we will take on any more guests. This will also be at the discretion of the stylists at the wedding.
  • Should I do a trial run?
    Yes! Always yes. We always suggest doing a trial run because we can take more time to talk to you to figure out exactly how you want to look on your wedding day. Doing a trial run before your wedding day also gives us time to do multiple looks if needed, that way come the day of the wedding we both already know exactly what you want. Typically, we suggest doing a trial run 1-3 months before the wedding. When sticking with this timeline brides usually have their dress, veil, jewelry and hairpieces. What should you bring to your trial run? Please bring inspo pictures, veil, jewelry, hairpieces and extensions. Where do trial runs take place? Because we are an onsite team, we do not have a salon home location. Trial runs can take place at our stylist's home or their salon, the client's home or family home or if the client is not from the area the trial run can take place at the client's hotel they are staying at. Please allow 1.5-2.5 hours for a trial run.
  • Do you have a minimum number of services we have to meet in order to book your team?
    We provide our services to anyone and all bridal party sizes. We have had many weddings were we only service the bride and we have had weddings with a party size of 18. So, there is no minimum number of services that need to be met in order to secure your date.
  • How many stylists will attend my wedding day?
    The number of stylists that will service your wedding day depends on the number of services needed and your timeline. This will all depend on the details you have on your contract. Typically, we send out 2-3 stylists per wedding.
  • How many weddings do you take a day?
    In each area we can accommodate 2-4 weddings per day. This number can change depending on the party size, however. We will never over book our days no matter how much we want to help every bride. We try to keep our calendar up to date, so even if your date is "booked" please reach out to us to see what we can do!
  • Do you only service weddings?
    No, we can provide hair and makeup for any event or occasion! We have serviced, proms, birthdays, engagement photoshoots, boudoir photoshoots, date nights and even little girl's birthday parties.
  • How long does each service take?
    Typically hairstyles and makeup applications take about 45 minutes each. When you book a wedding with us our contract has very specific questions to make sure we have enough time to get to each person on the contract. Start times will vary on the wedding party size. We also like to leave some time for touchups and time for the bride and bridal party to relax before the ceremony or pictures.
  • What is the difference between Traditional Makeup and Airbrush Makeup?
    The main difference is what type of foundation is used and how that foundation is applied. With Traditional Makeup the foundation that is used is called liquid/cream foundation. The liquid/cream foundation is similar to the liquid/cream foundation that can be found at Target, Walmart and other drug stores. This type of foundation is applied either by a sponge or brush depending on the stylist's preference. With Airbrush Makeup the foundation that is used is thinner than liquid/cream foundation. This type of foundation is applied only by using an air stylist/gun. For more information on the difference between Airbrush and Traditional foundations read below. Airbrush foundation again is thinner than Traditional liquid/cream foundation. It has the consistency of milk and is applied only by using an air stylist/gun. Because airbrush is a thinner consistency than the traditional liquid/cream foundation your stylist will be able to control exactly how much is needed to "cover" your face. Some women don't need much coverage whereas other women need a lot of coverage. The best thing about airbrush is we can control this coverage. So those who don't need much coverage can still have foundation on and still have a very natural look. Those who need more coverage, again we can control this and give you the coverage needed, while still looking natural. Airbrush is very lightweight so once dried truly feels like you have nothing on your face. It also lasts all day and all night long. All of our stylists will tell you airbrush is the best way to go! Traditional liquid/cream foundation is heavier and thicker than the airbrush for this reason, women who do not need a lot of coverage we do not suggest getting this type of makeup service. Because it is a thicker consistency, it is noticeable on the face that you are wearing foundation. Though we make you look natural looking when looking at two similar faces one with airbrush and one with the traditional liquid/cream foundation you can tell the difference. For those who really need a lot of coverage because of rosacea, acne and scars, or any other discoloration traditional makeup would be the best way to cover. Because traditional makeup is thicker once dried you can still feel that there is a foundation on your skin, because it is thicker and heavier than the airbrush. Traditional makeup is comparable to airbrush where is does last all day and all night. If you are still on the fence about which foundation makeup service is right for you, please don't hesitate to ask! All of our stylists are very knowledgeable and would love to help you pick the right service for the wedding day.
  • Do you provide false lashes?
    YES! False lashes are our favorite. We love adding them to all looks as it just completes everything. Lashes are included with all makeup services. Each stylist has their own brand they like but usually come with multiple different options for you to choose from.
  • Do you provide lip products?
    Unfortunately, no. After many years in the business, we have found that providing lip products does more "damage" than good. There are so many colors, and different types of lip products that it is nearly impossible to be able to bring all of that with us. Plus, once our stylists leave, we take all of our products and tools with us. For this reason, when you need a touch up after eating, drinking, kissing and let's be honest just as time goes on, we will be long gone along with our lip products. For this reason, we ask that all women getting makeup services done bring their own lip products with them. We would be more than happy to help you apply your lip products though. We do suggest applying them "at the last minute" because one you apply the lip product you do unfortunately have to keep re-applying all night long.
  • How do I prepare for my services?
    We have a whole guide on our website "Preparing for Services"!
  • Do you provide touch-up kits?
    Yes! Each person to recieve a makeup service will get a touch-up kit including the following. * Disposable Sponge * Blotting Pad * Mascara Wand * Flosser * Makeup Remover Wipe * Business Card
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