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Junior Makeup Artist

"Hello, my name is Jennifer (Bunnyfufu)! I am a licensed esthetician and makeup artist. I have been pracricing makeup artistry (professionally) for 5+ years ad esthetics for about a year. I love everything beauty, but makeup is passion. I am excited to be a part of the Blushing Bride Glam team. I am also a freelance makeup artist who has worked in film production, weddings, photo shoots, and also one of the make up artists for the piston dancers season 2022-2023. 
Your wedding day should be one of the greatest days of your life and I will give my all to make sure I do my part to make that happen! "Life isn't perfect, but your makeup can be"! "


Blushing Bride Glam just expanded this year and opened our books to the Mid and Lower parts of Michigan! We are so excited to service you on your wedding day. Since this would be our first season in your area our stylists do not have any weddings (under our business name) yet to display. Instead, we have given you some of their own personal images working freelance. Once we start getting images back from Blushing Bride Glam weddings this stylist has worked we will make sure to add them below!

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